ISO 9001

Policy on Quality

The quality of our products and provided services is our top priority.

Our partners are the most important source of income for our company:

  • we are committed to an atmosphere of transparent communication, trust and respect
  • we invest considerable funds in staff training to develop the individual abilities of the company’s employees
  • we constantly encourage our staff to do their jobs in the best possible way.
  • we care about the quality of social and living conditions for employees in our company

Teamwork and partnerships with our main suppliers of raw materials and consumables are a guarantee of the high quality of the goods we sell.

Being a responsible member of the society:

  • we ensure that all our products comply with applicable regulations
  • we use recognized preventative methods to ensure the high quality of our products
  • we strive to protect and preserve the environment where we live and work

Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee of METPROMSERVIS.